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12 October 2015


The processes by which users can securely connect to internet websites are changing from 31 December 2015. Major software vendors such as Microsoft, Google and Mozilla will no longer accept website certificates which use the Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) protocol in their internet browser products. 


These changes will therefore affect the connection between Dental Practices and NHS Dental Services when they need to access the Dental Portal or when they submit FP17s electronically through their practice management system.


NHS Dental Services (alongside all other NHSBSA systems) will be upgrading all of its website certificates to use the proven SHA2 standard in early December 2015. 


To ensure that Dental Practices can still access our systems they need to ensure by 1st December 2015 that the software they are using is compatible. We have already been in touch with the main Dental Practice Management Suppliers who have assured us that their systems are compatible, providing Dental Practices have installed their latest updates and kept their computer’s software up to date with patches for operating systems and internet browsers.


For some additional information view our FAQs,

 however if Dental Practices are unsure whether their systems meet the requirements for accepting the SHA2 certificates they need to contact their IT Department / Provider directly.

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